Sam Vicary graduated with a 1:1 degree in Visual Arts and went on to doing a fellowship at DeMontfort University, Lincoln. After several years working for Issey Miyake London, she succeeded in returning home to Pembrokeshire to re-engage with her art practice. She now works in arts marketing for a multi-skilled theatre organisation.

Recently her work has been shown in Wales at RHÔD in ROATH, Oriel Q, Oriel Blodau Bach; and in group shows including Vegetable Agenda and Colony. Essays include Encounters with Osi edited by Iwan Bala and Hilary Rhys Osmond.

Her current practice centres on the non-human. Still Life assemblages help her investigate narrative, memory and the sensations evoked by objects.


Initially exploring the ‘taming of birds’ through my paintings, I have begun using photography and short bursts of film to examine the form and substance of their eggs. Last Spring friends collected empty eggshells donating them in handmade boxes stuffed with lamb’s wool and recycled tissue. These eggshells and cases have been filmed and it is my intention to use them to inform future paintings.

I am interested in the metaphor ‘walking on egg shells’ not only because of the implications, but also the literal sensation. The allure and beauty of delicate, empty eggshells fascinates me, as does the synesthesic experience when observing their destruction.