Root & Branch is work in progress and is a collaboration between Linda Norris and Hong Kong based artist, Wai Kit Lam. The work is supported by Wales Arts International.

Linda and Wai Kit met online during the first Covid19 lockdown in 2020. They decided to develop some work together and settled on the theme of ‘trees’ as a symbol of resilience, networking and growth. This work forms the basis of Root & Branch. At a time of great tumult and division globally, the aim of this project is to reach out and physically exchange handmade artworks in order to form a creative network linking artists in Wales and Hong Kong with practitioners in other countries. Although the handmade and haptic is important to us when making connections and in our own interaction with materials, we also welcome digital artwork.

Root & Branch is an idiom roughly meaning “completely” i.e. affecting both the roots and the branches of a tree. We have chosen it more because of its association with the different parts of a tree than for its idiomatic meaning. We are interested in how trees network and communicate with each other and how the, often hidden, roots directly feed the more visible branches. We are trying to combat cultural and geographic divisions by linking with other artists to make networks and spark new connections that come from the roots of our practice and it is an experiment to see what arises from that.

For Root & Branch Linda and Wai Kit have invited a number of international artists who use trees or wood in some way in their work to contribute an A6 postcard artwork. In return Linda and Wai Kit will each hand-make a series of original A6 postcards one of which which they will mail to each of the participating artists. We appreciate there is an act of generosity involved from all participants and we reciprocate by sending an artwork and offering our time and resources to organise the project. To us the act of generosity is also important element. The resulting works will form the basis of an online exchange and exhibition, and a physical exhibition which is due to show at Karin Weber Gallery, Central Hong Kong for the month of November 2021. The work will be subsequently tour internationally.

To date the participating artists are: Janice Affleck (Scotland), Patricio Álvarez Aragón (Germany/Chile), Inguna Audere (Latvia), Olga Blokh (Finland), Karen Browning (UK), Evy Cohen (France), Irma Collective (Latvia), Robert Davies (Wales), Madeleine Doré (France/Canada), Michele Dovey (Wales), Winnie Tak Kwan Fung (Hong Kong), Kim Dotty Hachmann (Germany), Mohamed Hassan (Wales), Kenneth Hay (UK/France), Juliana Neves Hoffmann (Brazil), Nung-Hsin Hu (USA/Taiwan), Herbert W.H. Hundrich (Germany), Rachel Ip (Hong Kong), Robert Jakes (Wales), Agnes Ku (Hong Kong), Joe Lau (Hong Kong/Taiwan), Sian Lester (Wales), Susana López Fernández (Spain), Helen Maurer (UK), John Merrill (Wales), Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria), Yu May Ming (Hong Kong), Tse Ming Chong (Hong Kong), Kika Nicolela (Belgiuym/Brazil), Danny O’Hara (UK), Rachel Phillips (Wales), Nia Pushkarova (Bulgaria), Francoise Rod (France/Switzerland), Michael Rogers (USA/Latvia), Ruth Sargeant (Wales), Erika Tan (UK/Singapore), Annette Townsend (Wales), Marcos Vidal Font (Spain), Simon Whitehead (Wales), Ian Wieczorek (Ireland), Kenneth Young (Hong Kong).