Profile is a piece of work I am developing which examines global connectivity through social media and mobile networks.


Please help me make this work!

I am asking all my Friends on Facebook to send me a photograph of yourselves in profile. Each photograph will be used to make a mirrored glass silhouette the size and shape of an iPhone. The ‘iPhone’s will be incorporated into an installation which will be exhibited at the British Glass Biennale Exhibition in Stourbridge in August.

If you live locally and prefer to come and have your photo taken, email me to arrange a time.

Chance to win a piece of my work!

To express my gratitude for your help, three participants (chosen at random from names in a hat) will win an individual mirrored iPhone portrait of themselves.

To take part

Please email a photograph of your head and shoulders in profile taken against a white or light background using your smart phone or camera to It is not necessary for you to create a silhouette. Photographs should be sent at the highest quality setting. Here is a simple guide to taking your photograph:

All participants will be kept informed about progress and exhibition of the work.


I will retain copyright of the work, and submission of your image will be deemed as giving permission for the image to be used and displayed in my work.


Thank you in advance to all my Friends who volunteer to help with this work!