Jane Bruce is an independent artist and educator based in New York City. She teaches and exhibits internationally and her dual careers of Educator and Artist have taken her around the world, from Europe to the USA, to Australia and back again to the USA. Jane works in a range of techniques to explore landscape, space and light. She received a Masters of Art & Design from the Royal College of Art, London, and throughout her career has been the recipient of a range of Fellowships, Awards and Grants. Jane’s work can be found in many prestigious museum collections world-wide.

Artist’s Statement

Location inherently affects ideas and the work we create. Over the last few years I have been surprised at how deeply significant the Caithness land and Seascape have become to me as a vehicle to reflect on place and a sense of home. The ‘From the Edge’ series, of which the Postcards are part, is inspired by what became known as the Clearances, when families were evicted from the land to establish sheep farms. Even today, with many ruined crofts still dotting the landscape, there continues to be a strong sense of loss and desolation. Inspired by this history and what remains, the works seek to evoke thoughts of loss, the past and what might have been.

Art Work

Badbea – Only the Stones & Wind Remain

‘I would climb the cliffs

To look down on sea and land,

Where were those long days gone?

Where were you my pretty one?

Long gone to sea and sky.’



The piece is accompanied by the above poem

The work is from the Postcard Series which is part of the larger ongoing ‘From the Edge’ series of works 2012-present.

Date: 2015

Medium: Kilnformed Bullseye glass with decal

Dimensions: 13h x 10w x 1.9d cm (5-13/16” h x 3-7/8”w x ¾”d)