Jacqueline Martin’s wide-ranging education in fine art, graphic design, computing and creative writing has led to a career across publishing, broadcast, online and interactive design. Her most recent Masters was in poetry at UEA, where she was taught by George Szirtes. Jacqueline’s poems have since been published in Magma, Prole, The Caterpillar, The Moth, The Cannon’s Mouth and The Dawntreader. Last year, she exhibited a selection of her poem-prints in Margate as part of the town’s T.S. Eliot commemorations, and gave a talk about Vivie, her counterpart poem to Eliot’s The Waste Land.

Artist’s Statement

I’ve transcribed many of my poems into limited edition prints: the poetry texts are digitally printed onto embossed backgrounds created from hand-cut plates. The images are ink-free because I prefer not to interrupt the reader’s process of creating the colours of a story with their imagination while reading words on a white page. After reading a poem, something made from words then exists in picture form in the mind – the reader didn’t just observe a set of images, they made them themselves. For this reason, my visuals are less illustrative and more a simple enhancement of each poem’s tone.